Welcome to the world, Dutton Lane!


The past four weeks truly have been some the best weeks of my life. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and offered advice and who’s loved on our little family. We appreciate it so very much!

If there is anything pregnancy, childbirth and now motherhood has taught me it’s that it’s great to have a plan but make sure you’re ok with it changing. In fact, embrace change, make it your new best friend. I have received quite a few messages saying that I looked exceptionally calm in our photos and videos I shared from the hospital, and I think the thing that made labor easier or helped me keep my cool was that I didn’t have my mind set on a way that pregnancy/birth was going to go. I was nervous as can be, uncertain and excited all at once but I wasn’t going to be devastated if I needed a c-section or needed to be induced, all I wanted was a healthy baby. I had a birth plan but I wasn’t married to it. I had my wishes and hopes but I knew God was in control and I really leaned into wanting HIS plan for Dutton and I, long before stepping foot in the hospital.

I ended up being induced because my doctor was going out of town around my actual due date so I proactively scheduled an induction for June 8th (two days before my due date), still thinking he might come before that. He did not, so induction it was! And let me tell you, I LOVED it. I know this isn’t the case for everyone but for me, it was such a great experience. As nervous as I was to give birth (I’ve never broken a bone or had surgery so I’m kind of a whimp), knowing when we were set to drive to hospital and check in allowed me to mentally prepare and I think helped me feel more calm. We didn’t leave the house in some frantic state of mind or rush to get there, we were able to just take it all in and enjoy each moment. We checked in at 11pm on Monday night and I was 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Around 12:30am they gave me 1/4 of a tablet of Cytotec which helps to open the cervix. Usually they have to give a few doses of this throughout the night which is why they have you come in the night before, but for me, 1/4 of a tablet started my contractions about an hour and a half later. I had contractions from about 2:30-3:30am and was 3cm dilated and 80% effaced with contractions about 3 minutes apart. The nurse called my OB who said to start Pitocin, a medication that is used to induce labor. Before they administered Pitocin they offered me an epidural because it can make your contractions even more intense than natural labor contractions, so I opted to get the epidural before starting Pitocin. I was the most scared about the epidural but honestly, I have already kind of forgotten about that part of it. My fear was far greater than the pain from the epidural actually was. It definitely was a weird sensation and a lot of pressure into my spine but not painful at all and ended up being the greatest thing ever! More power to those who don’t get it because man, contractions hurt!

Once I was done having a contraction and they administered the epidural, within about five minutes I felt a significant decline in the pain and intensity of my contractions. So after the epidural kicked in they pretty immediately started Pitocin and about 30 minutes later my water broke. Around 6am my OB came to check me. I was 6cm dilated and 100% effaced. Around 9:30 I was checked again and at that point I was 10cm dilated. I pushed from 10:15 until about 10:50 when my doctor came in. One thing I didn’t realize about giving birth is that the doctor doesn’t come in until those last few pushes. At 11:12am 9 pound Dutton came into the world! 

We stayed in the hospital for 2 nights after Dutton was born. We had the option to leave on Wednesday after one night but I chose to stay because it was so helpful having the nurses there and I was a little nervous to leave honestly! But after the second night there I was SO ready to get home. Even though I was nervous, I was also craving the comfort of our own home and missing our pups! I don’t think Chris has ever driven more carefully in his life as he did on the way home from the hospital haha. We spent the entire drive in the right lane and he was at 10 & 2 the whole way. 

Now that it’s been a few weeks and the dogs are no longer overly interested in Dutton we finally feel like we are getting into a groove. We still have so much to learn, every day I feel like we are learning something or Dutton is changing his mind on what he likes or doesn’t like. And he’s growing so quickly! We’ve found systems that make things easier but it’s definitely one of the more challenging things either of us have done, both physically and mentally. Our parents were here for the first couple weeks and I don’t know what we would have done without them. Now that they have gone home we are getting settled as our little family of three – oops, five! Sorry, Cooper and Chloe!

I know everyone’s story is different just like every baby is different so I hope sharing this doesn’t make anyone doubt their own experience or judge mine. I’m so thankful to have a healthy baby boy and thankful my body is healing as well! Ready for baby number 2! Hahaha JOKING.

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  1. This was a beautiful birth story.
    It reminds me a lot of mine with my first a baby, I had a birth plan but most important to me was to go with the flow and do whatever needed to be done to make sure we all stayed safe. I was also induced, but at 41+4, I also received an epidural and it was wonderful, best decision I made to deliver my 9lb 6oz “little” girl, now I am 39 weeks with my second baby and looking at being induced at 40 weeks if this baby does not come by then. I am expected to have another large baby so I will 100 percent be getting an epidural again, and I will not be upset if the baby doesn’t come before next week and have to get induced again. Enjoy every moment with Dutton, they grow and change so much. 💜

  2. My first baby was 38 years ago and I never knew about epidurals back then nor did I with my next 3 babies so all 4 were natural, the first one was 9 lb 12 oz. the last baby 5th one, I was induced with Pitocin without the epidural but then got one hours later after so much agonizing pain. Never had Pitocin before either. Anyway, congratulations on little One. Many blessings💙

  3. I love this story so much. What a beautiful, peaceful birth! So happy you had a great experience & praise God for a healthy baby boy!

  4. Had a similar experience. I enjoyed most of it.. feel like I can go through the experience again haha

  5. your story was so beautiful– i am so elated for you, chris and your little earth side angel, dutton. i wish you all nothing but the most bliss-filled, beautiful moments and energy as a family (including your dogs<3) xo

  6. I love this what a great story! Such a cute little Dutton!! I have followed you and Chris for awhile now, I was so excited when I seen that you finally posted you were pregnant! I was also pregnant! It was so fun watching you post updates and watching the bond between you and Chris! You guys crack me up!
    Are little babes are only a day apart! I had a little 5lb 14oz 6/7/21 ♥️
    I’m excited to follow you guys and watch little Dutton grow!

    • Aw thank you! So fun that we are on the same journey right now. Congratulations on your new baby!

  7. I feel like our birth stories are super similar! I was also induced but not until 41 weeks + 5 days because my OB had done cervical checks around my actual due date and I wasn’t effaced at all and he knew that induction wouldn’t work for me at that stage. When the time came for my induction I also was given a pill, Pitocin, got my epidural after 10 hours, and maybe another 18ish hours my daughter was born 😭 she was just way too comfortable in there! I agree though, I felt far less anxious and panicked showing up for a planned induction and though I was nervous to push, it only took an hour and the epidural really helped! So happy for you and your family of five 💕

  8. Beautiful birth story. I am so happy that your experience was so calming. Dutton is precious and just enjoy him each and every day.

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    God bless you and
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  10. So,so sweet!Reading your birth story has given me hope and peace! I’ll be due with my baby girl November 5th! I just pray over us both that everything goes safe and well!

  11. Congratulations!! I’m a doula and absolutely love hearing women share their birth stories. I’m so happy that you had a positive birth experience, it sounds like it was a wonderful day! Welcome to parenthood! 🙂

  12. You have a beautiful family and sounds like you’re doing fantastic! I miss those baby days so much. It feels like yesterday but my seeet baby boy just turned 14. 😢 Enjoy every moment!!

  13. Want to wish you all the Best with your New family ! Tks for sharing your story ! I so Amazed you push out a 9 pd Dutton being you are so petite ! Enjoy every second with him because this little miracle and Happiest day of your life is also the Hardest ! Being a Mom is a tough but Loving 🥰 job ! And just keeps getting better 💐

  14. I loved reading this so much. I had my first baby in January and was also induced. My experience was similar, except mine took longer (which is more typical. Yours was quick, which is awesome!) I was also super surprised at how much pushing happens before the doctor comes in. It was such a strange, calm, quiet room – nothing like what you see in movies. I didn’t choose to be induced, I had to because of medication I was taking that had to be carefully planned around my labor, and at first I mourned the loss of the experience of getting to sporadically go into labor. But ultimately, being able to plan around it was so much easier than spontaneous labor would have been, and I have a healthy baby girl so I can’t complain!

  15. I love a lot of things about you Lauren…You are beautiful inside and out, and are so honest, and real! You aren’t like some celebrities in the way you live your life..you are down to earth, relatable, and feel like a friend! We see you in your everyday life with your family, and what is planned or happening and it feels REAL. I don’t have a relationship with my sisters anymore, and its sad, but to be healthy for my little family, I had to make hard choices.. I still need a sister and always check on what you have going on everyday, and think of you as my sister in many ways. Maybe it’s because we both are from Portland, or because I look up to you..Whatever it is, I thank you for always being there and posting, so I can go and feel like I am with my sister. Please keep sharing the good, the bad , the ugly, and the ups and downs. Always know , you have a sister waiting to hear about your day and your little family, and that she prays for you and Chris, Dutton, Chloe and Cooper. Your birth story is yours, and it was very special to hear you share it with us. Thank you for that…until next time sis (Lol)

  16. Congratulations, Lauren & Chris! 🥳💙🎉 What a beautiful story to read. Welcome to the world, precious boy! You are so loved. Thank you , Lauren for being vulnerable and sharing personal details of your birth story! I think your story is so encouraging for other ladies out there. Birth can be a peaceful experience and while everyone has a different story, God has designed us all to be birthing warriors! Women are incredible. I am a first time mom as well, my baby girl was born this year as well. Motherhood is such an incredible journey. Love following along with yours!

  17. Love your birth story. Very similar to mine (with it being uncomplicated and quick) I didn’t get induced but my water broke so epidural and all that happened quickly. My second however…lord it was horrendous. Enjoy every single moment of this new life because it goes by so fast. My oldest is 8.5 and I feel like he was just born. Congratulations Lauren and Chris.

  18. So happy for you both! The stage you’re in right now is so exhausting; but at the same time so life changing and special! Soak it all in and enjoy that adorable babe of yours!

    Love from Idaho <3

  19. Thank you for sharing this.
    I just gave birth 1 week ago on June 25 and you’re right – it’s good to have a birth plan but it’s important to not be married to it.
    My due date was July 21, but my water broke on June 25. My doctor was away, so I was being seen by a completely new on-call doc.
    I also had to be induced with Petocin at 1 cm dilation, but they didn’t give me an epidural until I was 6 cm dilated (ouch, contractions HURT).
    After the epidural, I reached 10 cm within 1.5 hour or so and pushed for about 10 minutes before my baby boy was here.
    I was very nervous about having to go into labor early at 36 weeks and 2 days but with God’s blessings, he came out just perfect and measured against full-term (37-38 week).
    Both the pediatrician and the OBGYN are now suspecting that the due date was miscalculated.

    Everything works out!

    • Thank you for sharing your story with me! Congratulations on your new baby boy <3

  20. What a beautiful story! When I read it – it brings back the memories of my first child being born. It was about the exact same story of being induced and bringing a 9 pound baby into the world! I loved being induced with my children. I got induced with all 3 of them! Enjoy your time with him because time goes by too fast!! He’s precious!

  21. So glad the induction went so smoothly for you. I’ve heard other stories where it’s a nightmare. Also, my doctor was actually there for all of the pushing – not just at the end, so that was nice!

  22. I started following you and Cris from the day of your engagement. Love all your posts and happy to see you guys together ❤. Now that Dutton has entered your life, I’m excited to see your little one everyday. Lots of love from India. Congratulations to your family!! Stay blessed! ❤💐

  23. This is beautifully written and I love that you’re able to provide an example of a birth that’s not scary, while being respectful of other types of births. I think it’s nice for women who have never given birth to know that induction, labor and delivery can be a calm, amazing experience. Congratulations.