How to Prioritize Your Health Pre & Post Pregnancy

While a huge part of getting pregnant and recovering postpartum is out of our control, there are a few things I’ve found helpful for my own health both pre and postpartum. I wrote a whole post about getting pregnant and I’ll link that here, but after having Dutton I’ve realized how important it is to continue taking care of my body as much as I did while trying to conceive and while pregnant.

Find Quality Vitamins + Supplements 

  • Pre/Post Natal Vitamins: I switched from the Ritual multivitamin to the prenatal while trying to get pregnant and kept taking throughout my pregnancy. Once I delivered Dutton, I switched over to the postnatal. If you’re like me and are taking an extra look at what’s in all of your products, these vitamins pass the test. They’re completely traceable and don’t contain any fillers or additives. Use my code ‘babylane’ for 10% off your first three months. 
  • Probiotics: I take probiotics every single day. They keep your gut healthy which not only helps with digestion but also has shown to improve the immune system of pregnant moms and their babies. And they have actually been shown to be even more beneficial postpartum (for mom and baby!) so I’ve continued taking them and I actually have Dutton taking the Wellements probiotics too. 

Get in Sync With Your Cycle

• An essential part of trying to get pregnant is understand if and when you are ovulating and if that ovulation is giving you the best chance of getting pregnant. You can find out when you are about to ovulate with pretty much any of the ovulation tests on the market today. But to find out if you are ovulating, you need a different kind of test, a PdG test. I actually didn’t know that a positive ovulation tests didn’t mean you were actually ovulating. When I was trying to get pregnant, I was introduced to Proov, an at-home PdG kit. I used prior to conceiving Dutton and loved it. The number one reason for female infertility is the inability to ovulate. Proov was amazing for me because I was able to confirm that I was ovulating and therefore could continue trying without any major changes needed. Stress can directly affect your ability to conceive and I think part of what helped me was the peace of mind I was indeed ovulating. And on the flip side of that, I know not everyone is going to have that same result from the test but if you find failure to ovulate is the issue, then you have a much clearer starting point to work off of. You and your doctor can make a game plan based on that information. Knowledge is power and it’s also peace of mind, especially when it comes to our bodies. Proov worked for me and I think it’s a great first step for anyone trying to start a family. You can use my code to get 25% off the Proov PdG Kits and Proov Predict + Confirm. ‘LAUREN25’ .

  • I personally cut out gluten and ate a low carb diet in the months leading up to getting pregnant. I read that eating fewer refined carbs and a low carb diet in general, can help maintain menstrual regularity. This was part of my journey but only you know what is right for you and your body, so do your own research and do what is best for you!

Limit Decisions

  • Decision Making Windows: This is something I’ve really had to start doing after having Dutton. My brain always feels fried and I get really overwhelmed when I think about all of the decisions, even the tiny ones, that I have to make every day. When to feed Dutton, what should I make myself for lunch, should I take on this new work project, etc etc. Apparently humans make 35,000 decisions a day and tbh it feels like 35 million as a new mom! To help with this decision paralysis due to too many decisions (and severe sleep deprivation!!), I set aside certain windows of the day/week to make big decisions. I’m honestly way more productive during those windows of time and I feel like I can be fully present with Dutton the rest of the week.
  • Subscription Services: Speaking of cutting down on decisions. I’ve always been a big fan of subscription services but now I don’t know how I’d live without the convenience! It is one less thing I have to think about and one less trip to the store I have to make. Farmers Dog, ButcherBox, Ritual, Thrive Market, Kiwi Co, HelloBello, even Amazon auto refills. The list goes on, but if you are a new mom and haven’t jumped on the subscription train you have to try it. 

Meal Prep

  • Healthy, balanced diets are so important during pregnancy and postpartum. With that being said, I’ve found postpartum to be one of the hardest times to actually eat well because you don’t have time or energy to cook. There have been times I’ve looked at the clock and it’s already afternoon and I haven’t eaten. This is especially concerning considering all the calories burned breastfeeding. I’ve found setting aside a little bit of time (think nap time!) to prep food I’ll have on hand and can quickly heat up throughout the week makes healthy eating a lot easier. For the first few weeks after Dutton was born I even made a huge batch of oatmeal and kept it in the fridge so all I had to do was heat it up and put some fruit on top. Meal prep doesn’t have to be crazy, keep it simple and just make sure you have nutritious options on hand for when you need them.

Ask for Help

  • I have always hated asking people for help but I have straight up begged my mom to fly out to help with Dutton. Trying to conceive and having a newborn can both be draining. If your mental health is suffering be sure to find someone to talk to whether it’s friends or family and don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help with baby!
  • If you feel like things are piling up, find an area where you can simplify. We had our housekeeper start coming weekly instead of every other week and I cut out my daily Starbucks runs to make up for the cost. (Insane how expensive a Starbucks addiction can be!) This swap has been so helpful for my sanity and freed up time I would typically spend cleaning.


  • Put your phone away: One of the most helpful things for me when I’m feeling stressed or anxious has been putting away my phone, turning off the news and instead, reading a book or going on a walk. Even playing with Dutton helps me unwind, recenter and remember what’s important.
  • Get outside: I think we all can attest to how great fresh air is for clearing your mind. Vitamin D is so important for both your body and mental health. And postartum it’s really good for moms and babies to get natural forms of Vitamin D. It’s also just a great change of scenery when you are home with the baby all day.
  • Exercise: I walked a TON during my pregnancy and I’m just now starting to work out again. Moving your body doesn’t have to be intense or time consuming. You can take a short walk, stretch, do some yoga, etc. I like Obe for at-home classes!
  • Protect your mental health: Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. Lots of people are quick to offer advice (me included) but that doesn’t mean it’s the right advice for you. And if it’s not, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong if you do something differently. Only you know how to take care of you and your child best!


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